Monday, March 24, 2008

Mensagem de Tenzin Nangsyal, amiga Tibetana

Picture caption: A Tibetan protester struggles with police officers in front of the United Nations building in Kathmandu March 24, 2008.
Nepali police broke up an anti-China rally by Tibetan exiles in Kathmandu on Monday, detaining 250 protesters in the latest in a series of demonstrations. Police holding plastic shields dragged the protesters into iron-meshed vans and trucks and drove them to detention centres, witnesses said.
Witnesses said some exiles were also hurt in the scuffle.
REUTERS/Deepa Shrestha (NEPAL)

This is an outrage!
No matter what political stance Nepal takes, it is in no way acceptable that it treats other human beings like this. I strongly condemn the brutal crushing of Tibetan protesters in Kathmandu by the Nepal Police. The country may be undergoing its own political turmoil but this doesn't mean it has to treat other human beings like this.
Protests happen here in India too but the Indian Police have not resorted to such brutality as the Nepal Police. It is one thing to think about the country's foreign policy and its alliances but quite another to beat up peaceful protesters like this.
Wake up Nepal!

Tenzin Nangsyal

I urge all the people to forward this to as many people as possible so that Nepal government takes a more humane look at Tibetans and not treat them like unwanted.
I especially request my Nepali friends to urge their government to respect human rights.

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