Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Junte-se aos protestos de 6 de Abril em Londres !


The Chinese government is running the Beijing Olympic torch around the world, hoping to win the approval of the global public and cover up its brutal occupation of Tibet and abysmal human rights record. When the torch relay reaches London & Paris on April 6th and 7th, China will be in the global spotlight like never before. We will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine this spotlight on Tibet.

Please play your part for Tibet and make history in April 2008!

Join the mass mobilisation in London and be a voice for 6 million Tibetans who continue to suffer under Chinese rule.

WHO: Tibetans and supporters in Europe

WHAT: Protest China's Olympic Torch Relay & celebrate the Tibetan Freedom Torch

WHERE: London

WHEN: 6 April, 2008

*We are focusing most attention on London for the joint European Tibet groups' activities as it is the host of the 2012 Olympic Games and will have the largest media presence!

TO SIGN UP to come to London, send the following information as soon as possible to:
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Where will you be coming from?

Six former Drapchi political prisoners, including Ngawang Sangdrol and Phuntsog Nyidrol, and athletes from Team Tibet will play a prominent role in the 6th April London programme. The day's activities will include protests in the morning along the Beijing Torch Relay route followed by a rally in the afternoon in a prominent London square to light and celebrate the Tibetan Freedom Torch.
The highlights of the rally will include the Tibetan Freedom Torch ceremony and the six re-united Drapchi nuns singing live their freedom songs recorded in Drapchi prison. Speakers for the rally include Ngawang Sangdrol, Lhadon Tethong, a British Parliamentarian and Team Tibet athletes. Music and entertainment will be provided by the Tibetan Community in Britain's dance group, Chino, and other Tibetan musicians with support from British bands.

The Tibetan Freedom Torch will then be taken by Eurostar to Paris, the next leg of the Relay, by the Drapchi nuns and Team Tibet athletes. Join them on the Eurostar and participate in the mass rally the next day when China's Olympic Torch arrives in Paris!

Contact Terry (above) for more information on the Eurostar

Organised by: Tibetan Community UK, Tibetan Community of France, Tibetan Youth UK, Tibetan Youth Association of Europe, Free Tibet Campaign, Students for a Free Tibet UK, TSG Netherlands, International Campaign for Tibet - Europe, Tibet Initiative Deutschland, France-Tibet, and Etudiants pour un Tibet Libre.

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