Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rhymes Against the State

The Olympics arrive
Beijing's alive!
The torch on display!
(The people make way.)
The foreigners are here
So the sky's suddenly clear!
And here's a new treat:
Fewer cars on the street!
Of course we are moved
That the food has improved.
And: no beggars, no riff-raff,
No petitions, you see,
No jails, no beatings
Just sweet "harmony!"
Who cares if the locals
Are kicked and repressed
So long as the world
Is duly impressed?
When the Olympics are done
We'll be back to square one:
Corruption and privilege
Won't that be fun?
Secrecy, strong-arming
Brainwashing, tax-farming
Mugging protesters
And hiding their tears;
Ruling by thugs,
But arresting "by law"
A new "Chinese model"
For many more years!

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