Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carta ao Presidente do Inter Grupo Tibete

Dear Mr. Thomas Mann,

On 6 July 2000, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on "the governments of the Member States to give serious consideration to the possibility of recognizing the Tibetan Government in exile as the legitimate representative of the Tibetan people if, within three years, the Beijing authorities and the Tibetan government in exile have not signed an agreement on a new Statute for Tibet, through negotiations organized under the aegis of the Secretary-General of the United Nations".

After the deadline of July 2003, it was expected that the European Parliament assess the objectives and reformulate its recommendations accordingly through a new resolution. This did not occur. However, the implementation of this resolution is now more than ever justified.

From April 2002 until November 2008, eight meetings were held between Tibetan envoys and Chinese officials, without any result. On the contrary, each side has acknowledged the impasse in talks and expressed their disillusionment. In addition, the Chinese policy of colonisation, repression and sinisation in Tibet has not stopped.

Therefore, I ask you to submit and vote on a draft resolution, in accordance with the commitments of the European Parliament and the terms of the resolution of 6 July 2000, explicitly calling on Member States to recognize the Tibetan government in exile as legitimate representative of the Tibetan people.

Thank you for your attention,

Yours sincerely

(Nome e morada)


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