Monday, December 29, 2008

Indian supporters on nationwide “Free Tibet” yatra

Indian supporters led by Dr Mahesh Yadav, Founder of Mahatma Gandhi Tibet Freedom Movement concerned to-Global Amity Foundation, are on a nationwide 50-day “Free Tibet” campaign.

“Free Tibet, Security of India, and Violence and Terrorism Free World” are the message of this long countrywide “Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra”, started from the Indian city of Bhopal. The yatra, covering India’s twelve biggest states, include regular press conferences, public seminars and discussions on the issues all along its way.

According to the organizers, various programs have been organized in different rural and urban cities like Bhopal, Mandideep, Obeidullahganj, Budhni, Hoshangabad and Itarsi as part of the yatra to educate Indians about the issue of Tibet and accordingly garnering their support for the cause.

MGTFM Free Tibet and Peace Activists, Dr. Manmohan Kurapa and Siddharth Bhatia are taking part in the Yatra.“Indian public, political leaders and media are supporting and appreciating this ‘Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra,” says Dr Yadav, while commencing the yatra on Saturday at Rajghat, in New Delhi.

While addressing media in Delhi, Dr. Yadav urged United Nations, Government of India, world leaders and, all Noble Peace Laureates and Human Rights and Peace-award winners to support the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan people in their struggle to “save Tibet for world peace”."If we are serious over the rights of animals, and talk about human rights, then why are we silent on the issue of Tibet?” Dr Yadav says.

He warns that failure to support and help fulfill the peaceful and non-violent struggle of Dalai Lama will endanger world peace in the long run.Indian Free Tibet and peace activists flag off a 50-day nationwide “Jago Bharat Jago Tibet Yatra” in Bhopal.


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