Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Legendary Canadian rock band RUSH has been nominated for a Grammy Award for the track Hope (Live For The Art OfPeace) on the Songs For Tibet.
The Art of Peace benefit album in the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Other nominees for this category include Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Zappa Plays Zappa.
The winner will be announced during the February 8, 2009Grammys.

The album features 20 of the world's top musical artists, including Rush,Sting, Dave Mathews, John Mayer, Alanis Morissette, Moby, Suzanne Vega,Imogen Heap, Garbage, Damien Rice, Underworld, and Duncan Sheik.

This Grammy nomination for this beautiful song called Hope underscoresthe album's message for the Tibetan people, said Michael Wohl, the Art ofPeace Foundation's Executive Director and album Executive Producer.
The songs on the album are a celebration of the philosophy of hope, peace,nonviolence and compassion as championed by the Dalai Lama.

The Grammy nomination comes at a critical time with the Chinese authorities stepped-up suppression of Tibet. March 2009 marks the 50th anniversary ofthe exile of the Dalai Lama, whose path of nonviolence has had little effecton the Chinese government's willingness to grant Tibetan's fundamentalrights and freedoms.

Songs for Tibet was released just days before the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a tribute to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people. It features acoustically driven songs that explore our shared humanity and common search for happiness, peace and freedom. Upon its release, the album immediately rocketed up the charts to become a top-seller throughout the world.

As a subtle form of protest and support, athletes at the Beijing Olympicsdownloaded the album in solidarity with Tibet and the Dalai Lama from www.ArtofPeaceFoundation.org <http://www.ArtofPeaceFoundation.org> .
The Chinese authorities reacted by using its censorship apparatus, known as The Great Firewall of China, to block access to major music download sites throughout China.
Songs for Tibet's worldwide success and China sheavy-handed response hit the headlines across the globe to make it one ofthe most significant and controversial protest events during the Beijing Olympics.
After a worldwide outcry, China made the album and sites available again. The album has become a symbol of the power and relevancy that music and individuals have to affect change in the world.
Significantly, the album download includes an exclusive 15 minute video of the Dalai Lama talking about the nature of peace, which, for the first time ever, is now allowed in China where footage of the widely respected spiritual and moral leader has normally been banned.

Recently, the Chinese authorities have similarly banned Guns N'Roses new album Chinese Democracy due to its title.

Besides raising awareness and support for Tibet and the Dalai Lama at thiscritical moment in history, proceeds that the foundation receives from the album will support projects important to the Dalai Lama for promoting peace.The album is distributed by Warner ADA and is available through most majorretailers and music download sites.

About The Art of Peace Foundation
The Art of Peace Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit founded on the DalaiLama's belief of 'Universal Responsibility.' The Foundation's mission is to engage the world in a proactive way while remaining grounded in the DalaiLama's vision of non-violence.
Please visit www.ArtOfPeaceFoundation.org

About Meridian Trust
The Art of Peace Foundation also works with their UK partner, MeridianTrust, to preserve Tibetan cultural traditions. Meridian Trust's patron is the Dalai Lama, who has asked them to raise the awareness of Tibetancultural traditions.

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