Tuesday, November 4, 2008

China Hits Back at Dalai Lama

China today accused the Dalai Lama of playing tricks of ‘retirement’ and called “groundless” his disappointment. A commentary on Xinhua, the official news agency said the Tibetan leader’s statements on Sunday “confound black and white and disregards facts” and were made to gain “public attention and sympathy.”
"My trust in the Chinese government has become thinner, thinner, thinner," the Dalai Lama said Sunday in Tokyo at a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent's Club. "Suppression is increasing and I cannot pretend that everything is OK."
Xinhua added that the Dalai Lama's remarks came at a time when China's central government 'is to' arrange another round of contacts and negotiations with his private representatives. However, the Tibetan delegation headed by Lodi Gyari began talks this morning with Chinese representatives.
The Tibetan delegation will return to Dharamsala on November 6 after the latest round of talks, the third since the uprising in Lhasa in March, Tibetan government's Information Secretary Thubten Samphel told PTI.
China said the accusations of ‘cultural genocide’ and ‘handing down death sentence’ were intended at ‘arousing concerns over Tibet to add weight to his separatist ambitions.’
Media reports from Japan indicate that the Dalai Lama has acknowledged his approach of obtaining genuine autonomy for Tibet under Chinese rule has failed."
Our approach failed to bring some positive change inside Tibet," the Dalai Lama said. "I have to accept the failure.""My trust in the Chinese government has become thinner, thinner, thinner," he said.
The Dalai Lama also admitted that criticism among Tibetans of his negotiating approach toward China was growing.
The Tibetan leader said that it is for the Tibetan people now to decide future strategy for Tibet. "There are no alternatives except to ask people. I remain myself completely neutral," he said.

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